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Morris Minor 918 cc Sidevalve Factory Engine Rebuild Manual | PDF Download | carmanualsdirect

Morris Minor 918 cc Sidevalve Factory Engine Rebuild Manual | PDF Download


Morris Minor 918 cc Sidevalve Factory Engine Rebuild Manual | PDF Download

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Morris Minor 918 cc Sidevalve Factory Engine Rebuild Manual | PDF Download

Below is a detailed list of topics covered in this Morris Minor Engine Rebuild Manual

  • General Data
  • ENGINE 918 cc Sidevalve (USHM2)
    • General description.
    • Lubrication system.
    • Draining the engine sump.
    • Removal and replacement of sump.
    • Removal of oil pump.
    • Dismantling, reassembling, and replacing oil pump.
    • Removal and replacement of piston and connecting rod.
    • Dismantling and reassembling piston and connecting rod.
    • Removal and replacement of piston rings.
    • Fitting gudgeon pins.
    • Piston sizes and cylinder bores.
    • Removal and replacement of main and big-end bearings.
    • Removal and replacement of engine.
    • Removal and replacement of power unit.
    • Removal of timing cover.
    • Replacement of timing cover.
    • Removal and replacement of timing chain.
    • Removal and replacement of carburetor,
    • Removal and replacement of inlet and exhaust manifold.
    • Removal and replacement of cylinder head.
    • Removal and replacement of camshaft.
    • Removal and replacement of tappets.
    • Tappet adjustment.
    • Checking valve timing.
    • Removal and replacement of flywheel (engine out of car).
    • Removal and replacement of crankshaft (engine out of car).
    • Regrinding of crankshaft.
    • Removal and replacement of valves.
    • Decarbonizing.
    • Grinding and testing valves and their seatings.
    • Removal and replacement of valve guides.
    • Oil pressure.
    • Fitting valve springs
    • Removal and replacement of the petrol tank.
    • Construction of the petrol pump.
    • Action of the petrol pump.
    • To dismantle and reassemble the petrol pump.
    • Resetting the diaphragm for contact breaker 'throw-over'
    • Tracing petrol pump troubles.
    • Petrol pump maintenance.
    • Carburetor.
    • Carburetor adjustments.
    • Centering the jet.
    • Sources of carburetor trouble.
    • Air silencer and air cleaner.
    • Induction heater
    • Description and specification of equipment.
    • Locating the cause of uneven firing.
    • Testing the low tension circuit
    • High tension cables
    • Sparking plugs
    • Contact breaker mechanism
    • Distributor lubrication
    • Removal and replacement of the distributor
    • Static ignition timing
    • Dismantling the distributor
    • Condenser
    • Fitting new distributor bushes
    • Reassembling the distributor
    • Later distributor mounting
    • High-lift cam
    • Description of the circulating system.
    • Removing the radiator filler cap.
    • Draining the cooling system.
    • Filling the cooling system.
    • Removal and replacement of the radiator.
    • Dynamo and fan belt adjustment.
    • Radiator bottom hose.
    • Removing the water pump.
    • Disassembly of the water pump.
    • Location of the bottom water pipe.

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