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Most of our files are PDF downloads. A few are zip files. Once the zip file is unzipped it will be in PDF format.

If you do not have a program or app on your PC/Laptop for unzipping zip files, you can download 7up for free. 

Some of our files are quite large and it is suggested you have a good internet connection before downloading and be patient. Do not stop the download before it has completely finished.

Downloading files to devices.

Downloading to PC and Laptops.

This usually encounters no issues however you can use download managers like FDM or IDM that will speed up your download and should you encounter an interruption with your internet connection they will resume the download.

Downloading to iPads and Tablets.

One issue of the iPad and Safari is trying to download large files. By default, it will open the files and load them completely before giving you the ability to put them in other apps. This often means that it does not download the file correctly. We suggest you use a 'download manager app' like Filer, (although we mention this here, it is only a suggestion and not a recommendation*) which aside from a useful unzipping feature also has a built in browser where you have a proper file downloader. It has a download mode, which lets you download the target of any link you see- be it the website it’s linking to or documents, archives etc.
By using this app you can download larger PDF files and then open them in iBooks. It gives me a download progression bar and doesn’t try to open files while downloading.

Downloading to Smartphones device.

We suggest not downloading to a mobile device but if you want to persist, it is recommended you use a download manager app.


* We have no affiliation with any suggestions mentioned and downloading any app is at your own risk. We do suggest you do your own due diligence and research any apps completely before downloading to your device.