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PONTIAC Turbo Hydramatic M-35, M-38 and M-40 Automatic Transmission Factory Rebuild Manual | PDF Download | carmanualsdirect

PONTIAC Turbo Hydramatic M-35, M-38 and M-40 Automatic Comprehensive Rebuild Manual | PDF Download


PONTIAC Turbo Hydramatic M-35, M-38 and M-40 Automatic Comprehensive  Rebuild Manual | PDF Download

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PONTIAC Turbo Hydramatic M-35, M-38 and M-40 Automatic Comprehensive Rebuild Manual | PDF Download

With easy to follow step by step instructions for the home workshop mechanic or professional technician. 

This Transmission Rebuild Manual covers the following transmissions: 
  • Turbo Hydramatic M-35 Automatic
  • Turbo Hydramatic M-38 Automatic
  • Turbo Hydramatic M-40 Automatic

Below is a detailed list of topics covered in this Transmission Rebuild Manual

  • Removal of Major Components from the Transmission Case
  • Speedometer Driven Gear, Oil Pan. Strainer and Intake Pipe Removal
  • Control Valve Assembly. Governor Pipes and Detent Spring Assembly - Removal
  • Rear Servo. Solenoid. Connector. Valve Body Spacer. Gasket. Front Servo. Manual Detent and Park Linkage Removal
  • Rear Oil Seal and Extension Housing Removal
  • Turbine Shaft. Forward Clutch. Direct Clutch. Front Band. Sun Gear Shaft Intermediate Clutch. Center Support- Removal
  • Disassembly of the Gear Train Assembly
  • Governor Assembly
  • Front Servo Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
  • Rear Servo Disassembly, Inspection and Reassembly
  • Control Valve Assembly. Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
  • Oil Pump Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
  • Forward Clutch Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
  • Direct Clutch and Intermediate Sprag Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
  • Center Support and Intermediate Clutch Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
  • Inspection of the Reaction Carrier. Rear Sprag and Output Carrier Assembly
  • Pinion Replacement Procedure
  • Inspection of the Output Shaft
  • Inspection of the Rear Internal Gear
  • Inspection of the Sun Gear
  • Inspection of the Sun Gear Shaft
  • Inspection of the Turbine Shaft
  • Inspection of the Mainshaft
  • Inspection of the Front and Rear Bands
  • Inspection of the Case Extension
  • Inspection of the Modulator Valve
  • Inspection of Manual and Parking Linkage
  • Inspection of the Case Assembly
  • Inspection of the Torque Converter
  • Assembly of the Rear Unit
  • Assembly of Units in to the Transmission Case
  • Rear Extension Housing Assembly
  • Installation of Manual Linkage
  • Installation of Check Balls. Front Servo. Gaskets. Spacer and Solenoid
  • Installation of Rear Servo Assembly
  • Installation of the Control Valve Assembly and Governor Pipes
  • Installation of the Modulator Valve and Vacuum Modulator
  • Installation of the Governor Assembly
  • Installation of the Speedometer Driven Gear Assembly

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