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Bizarre Motorsport - Motor Steeplechase

Lizzy Jones

Looking through a Motor Book from the mid 1920's I found this photo of a car jumping a fence hurdle like those used in Horse Steeple chasing. As steeple chasing began in Ireland, one can only guess that extending the sport to motor cars was an acceptable idea!

Motor Car Steeple Chasing in the 1920's

Imagine how hard this would be on the body! No safety gear what so ever.

Anyhow, after a bit more research, i found that Ford USA did the same thing in 1967 to prove how strong their new Ford Galaxie was.


Ford Galaxie 1967 jumping the Steeple Chase

According to Ford, this was a standard 1967 Ford Galaxie straight from a dealer showroom. It was fitted with the optional heavy duty suspension and the only other addition wasa skid plate underneath the car to protect the oil pan. The car went over 8 steeple chase jumps!

Sydney Australia and it's 1953. Chrysler Plymouth used a Plymouth Cranbrook to test the strength of the new "tubless tyre". At high speed they drove this car over ramps and it traveled for 70 feet (about 22 meters) before landing.

Apparently none of the tyres burst and the car did not break!

1953 Plymouth flying in Sydney.

Try doing this in a new Ford Taurus. I think not!

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