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CHEVROLET 153 cu. in. 4 Cylinder Engine Overhaul Manual

CHEVROLET 153 cu. in. 4 Cylinder Engine Overhaul Manual


Chevrolet Engine Overhaul Manual is the most comprehensive workshop manual available, in PDF format for quick download.

With easy, step by step instructions, this manual is suitable for the home DIY workshop mechanic or professional technician to help repair or rebuild your Chevrolet Engine.

This Chevrolet Engine Manual covers the following engine models:

  • Chevrolet 153 cu. in. 4 Cylinder

Below is a comprehensive list of items covered by this Chevrolet Engine Manual:

  • General Description
  • Engine Repair Procedures
    • Engine Assembly dismantle and assemble
    • Cylinder Head Assembly dismantle, clean and inspect
    • Repairs to
      • Rocker Arm Studs
      • Valve Guide Bores
      • Valve Seats
      • Valves
    • Assemble
    • Valve Lifters dismantle, clean and inspect and assemble
    • Oil Pump dismantle, clean inspect and assemble
    • Main Bearings
      • Inspection
      • Check clearances
      • Replace
    • Connecting Rod Bearings inspection and replacement
    • Connecting Rod and Piston Assemblies
      • Remove
      • Dismantle
      • Clean and inspect:
        • Connecting rods
        • Pistons
        • Piston pins
        • Piston rings
      • Assemble
    • Crankshaft
      • Removal
      • Clean and inspect
      • Replace sprocket or gear
      • Install
    • Camshaft
      • Inspection
      • Oil Nozzle replacement
      • Camshaft Gear replacement
    • Camshaft Bearings
      • Inspection
      • Removal
      • Installation
    • Cylinder Block
      • Clean and inspect
      • Oil filter bypass valve inspection and replace
      • Distributor Lower bearing and Thrust washer replacement
    • Repairs
      • Cylinder Conditioning
      • Cylinder boring
      • Cylinder honing
      • Piston selection
    • Torque specifications
    • Special tools
  • Water Pump
    • Dismantle
    • Clean and inspect
    • Replace and assemble
  • Fuel System
    • General Description
    • Major Service Operations:
      • Carburetor dismantle
      • Clean and inspect
        • Float Bowl
        • Throttle Body
      • Assemble and adjustments
      • Adjust Float Level
      • Adjust Metering Rod
      • Air Horn Assembly and Installation
      • Adjust Chock Vacuum Break
      • Adjust Fast Idle
      • Adjust Chock Rod
      • Adjust Unloader
      • Adjust Chock Coil Rod
    • Engine Electrical System
      • Starter Motor
      • Starter Solenoid
      • Charging System
    • Torque setting specifications

Adobe Reader is required to read this file. You can download it free from

Chevrolet History

Chevrolet 153 cubic inch engine.

The 153-cubic-inch (2.5 L) 4 cylinder engine was first introduced in the 1962 Chevy II range of cars. Basically it was a smaller cut down version of the 230 cu. In 6 cylinder engine.

It has been adapted for many other uses and variants including use as an industrial engine for forklifts and generators, marine engines and many different variants for use in Chevy cars in South Africa. It’s capacity has ranged from 2.0 litre to 3.0 litres.

Chevy II engine


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