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CHEVROLET 194 cu. in. 6 Cylinder Factory Engine Rebuild Manual | carmanualsdirect

CHEVROLET 194 cu. in. 6 Cylinder Factory Engine Rebuild Manual


CHEVROLET 194 cu. in. 6 Cylinder Factory Engine Rebuild Manual

Comes as a convenient easy to download PDF file available immediately. Once downloaded, it is yours to keep. You may print the complete manual or just the pages you want. 

This Chevrolet Engine Manual covers the following engine models:

  • Chevrolet 194 cu. in. 6 Cylinder

Below is a comprehensive list of items covered by this Chevrolet Engine Manual:

  • Engine Tune up
    • General Description
    • Mechanical Checks and Adjustments
      • Spark Plug removal
      • Test Compression
      • Service and install spark plugs
      • Service Ignition system
      • Service Battery and Cables
      • Service Delcotron and Regulator
      • Service Fan Belt
      • Service Manifold Heat Valve
      • Tighten Manifold
      • Service Fuel Lines and Fuel Filter
      • Service Cooling system
      • Check and adjust Accelerator Linkage
      • Service Crankcase Ventilation
      • Service Air Injection Reactor system
      • Choke Adjustment
    • Instrument Check Out
      • Instrument Hook Up
      • Check and adjust Dwell
      • Check Dwell Variation
      • Check and adjust timing
      • Adjust idle speed and mixture
    • Additional Checks and Adjustments
      • Testing Crankcase Ventilation Valve
      • Testing Cranking Voltage
      • Cylinder Balance Test
      • Battery
      • Ignition
      • Carburetor
      • Fuel Pump
      • Cooling System
      • Cylinder Head Torque and Valve adjustments.
    • Engine Mechanical
      • General Description
      • Component Replacement and Adjustment
        • Engine removal and installation
        • Manifold Assembly removal and installation
        • Rocker Arm Cover removal and installation
        • Valve mechanism removal and installation
        • Valve Lifters removal and installation and adjustment
        • Valve Stem oil seal and/or Valve Spring replacement
        • Cylinder Head Assembly removal and installation
        • Oil Pan removal and installation
        • Oil Pump removal and installation
        • Rear Main Oil Seal Replacement
        • Crankshaft Pulley and Hub removal and installation
        • Torsional Damper removal and installation
        • Crankcase Front Cover removal and installation
        • Front Cover Oil Seal removal and installation
        • Camshaft removal and installation and measuring Lobe Lift
        • Timing Gears Replacement
        • Flywheel removal and installation
        • Engine Mounts Front and Rear Replacement
      • Engine Cooling System
        • General Description
        • Maintenance and Adjustments
          • Coolant Level
          • Coolant System Checks
          • Periodic Maintenance
            • Cleaning
            • Reverse flushing
              • Radiator
              • Cylinder block and cylinder head
              • Hot Water Heater
            • Fan Belt adjustment
            • Thermostat replacement
            • Water pump removal and installation
          • Fuel System
            • General Description
            • Service Procedures
              • Preliminary checks
              • Idle speed and mixture adjustment
              • Fast idle adjustment
              • Choke adjustment
              • Float adjustment
              • Additional adjustments
              • Carburetor removal, test and installation
              • Fuel Filter maintenance
              • Choke Coil replacement
              • Throttle Linkage adjustment
            • Air Cleaner
            • Fuel Pumps
            • Special Tools

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