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DODGE 325 cubic inch V8 Engine Factory Rebuild Shop Manual | carmanualsdirect

DODGE 325 CID V8 Engine Rebuild Manual | PDF Download


DODGE 325 CID V8 Engine Rebuild Manual | PDF Download

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DODGE 325 CID V8 Engine Rebuild Manual | PDF Download

Below is a list of topics covered in this Dodge manual:

    • Fan and Generator Belt Adjustment
    • General Information
    • Pressure Cooling System
    • Radiator Core Removal and Installation
    • Servicing the Radiator
    • Servicing the Water Pump
    • Testing the Electric Temperature Gauge Circuit
    • Thermostat
    • Water Temperature Gauge
    • Camshaft and Bearing Shell Installation
    • Checking Connecting Rod Bearing Shell Clearance
    • Checking Cylinder Bores
    • Checking Main Bearing Clearance
    • Checking the Timing Chain for Stretch
    • Checking the Valve Timing
    • Cleaning the Hydraulic Tappets
    • Connecting Rod Alignment
    • Crankcase Ventilation
    • Cylinder Block Inspection
    • Cylinder Head Disassembly
    • Cylinder Head Inspection
    • Distributor Basic Timing
    • Engine Disassembly
    • Engine Installation
    • Fitting Pistons
    • Fitting Piston Pins
    • Fitting Piston Rings
    • General Information
    • Honing Cylinder Bores
    • Hydraulic Tappets
    • Installing Connecting Rods, Pistons and Rings in the Cylinder Block
    • Installing the Crankshaft Pulley and Hub
    • Installing the Oil Pump
    • Installing Water Pump Housing and Water Pump
    • Main Bearing Shell Installation
    • Oil Pump Inspection
    • Preliminary to Checking Hydraulic Tappets (In the Car)
    • Reaming Valve Guides and Installing Valves with Oversize Stems
    • Reboring Cylinders
    • Refacing Valves and Seats
    • Relief Valve Spring Chart
    • Removal and Installation of the Camshaft
    • Removal and Installation of the Chain Case Cover Oil Seal (Engine in Vehicle)
    • Removal and Installation of Crankshaft
    • Removal and Installation of Cylinder Heads
    • Removal and Installation of the Distributor Drive Shaft Bushing
    • Removal and Installation of Engine Oil Pan
    • Removal and Installation of Hydraulic Tappet (In the Car)
    • Removing and Installing the Oil Pump
    • Removing and Installing of Upper Main Bearing Shells
    • Replacing Connecting Rod Bearing Shells
    • Replacing the Rear Main Bearing Oil Seal
    • Rocker Arm Assemblies
    • Servicing the Cylinder Heads
    • Servicing the Hydraulic Tappets
    • Servicing the Oil Pressure Relief Valve
    • Servicing the Oil Pump
    • Servicing the Pistons and Rings
    • Servicing the V-8 Engines
    • Shunt Type Oil Filter
    • Tappet Noises
    • Testing the Hydraulic Tappet
    • Testing Valve Springs
    • Timing Gear and Chain Installation
        • Accelerating System
        • Automatic Choke
        • Carburetor Adjustments
        • Carburetor Model Identification
        • Choke Closed—Fast Idle—Cold Engine
        • Choke Partially Open—Engine Warming Up
        • Cleaning Carburetor Parts
        • Engine Warm — Choke Open — Slow Idle
        • Float System
        • General Description
        • Idle System
        • Inspection and Reassembly
        • Installation of Carburetor on Engine
        • Main Metering System
        • Removal of Carburetor from Car
        • Servicing the Carburetor
        • The Power System
        • Accelerator Pump Adjustment
        • Air Horn Assembly
        • Bowl Vent Cap Adjustment
        • Choke Rod Adjustment
        • Choke Unloader Adjustment
        • Disassembling the Carburetor
        • Fast Idle Adjustment
        • General Information
        • Idle Speed and Mixture Adjustments
        • Inspection and Reassembly
        • Installation of Carburetor on Engine
        • Metering Rod Adjustment
        • Servicing the Carburetor
        • Velocity Valve Adjustment
        • Velocity Valve Lockout Adjustment
      • FUEL PUMP
        • Fuel Pump
        • Fuel Pump (Exploded View—6 Cylinder)
        • Fuel Pump (Exploded View—8 Cylinder)
        • Fuel Tank
        • General Information
        • Servicing the Fuel Pump
        • Testing Pump (on car)

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