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MERCEDES BENZ W126 Series, S Class 380SE, 380SEL,500SE, 500SEL Workshop Manual 1981-1985 | carmanualsdirect

MERCEDES BENZ W126 Series, S Class 380SE, 380SEL, 500SE, 500SEL Workshop Manual 1981-1985


MERCEDES BENZ W126 Series, S Class 380SE, 380SEL, 500SE, 500SEL Workshop Manual 1981-1985

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Complete Service Workshop Manual for the 126 Model Mercedes-Benz vehicles that includes

  • Engine Service Manual - covers maintenance and rebuilding
  • Chassis and Body Service Manual - see detailed list below

These manuals were written by Factory Mercedes Benz technicians for use by their dealer network workshops. Throughout these manuals, the different models are identified by their chassis and engine numbers. 

Technical data, tightening torques and special tools required are listed

Models covered manufactured from 1981 - 1985:

  • Mercedes Benz 380SE
  • Mercedes Benz 380SEL
  • Mercedes Benz 500SE
  • Mercedes Benz 500SEL

Engines covered:

  • M116 3.8 Litre V8
  • M117 5.0 Litre V8

This is an extremely detailed workshop manual covering every aspect of the car and consisting of 1000's of pages.

Below is a detailed list of topics covered in this Mercedes Benz Manual

  • Mercedes Benz W126 Chassis Workshop Manual
    • Introduction
    • Testing alternator and regulator in vehicle
    • Pedals
    • Front and Rear Springs, shock absorber and spring struts
    • Front Axles
    • Differential and Rear End
    • Wheels, Tires and Alignments
    • Drive Shaft
    • Brake System
    • Steering System
    • Electrical System - Cruise Control, Lights and Switches, Instruments etc
    • Body - Glass
    • Body - Interior
    • Body - Doors Trim Panels, Window Mechanisms, Door Latches etc
    • Body - Sliding Roof
    • Body - Central Locking System
    • Body - Electrical Lamps, Mirrors, Seats, Wipers etc.
    • Body - Fittings Fenders, Grille Hood, Trunk Lid, Moldings etc
    • Seats and Head Restraints
    • Safety Systems - Seat Belts, Air bags, SRS Program etc
  • Climate Controlled Air Conditioning Workshop Manual
    • Operation of automatic climate control system
    • Preparations for vacuum test
    • Testing compressor protective cutout
    • Removal and installation of heat exchanger, heater blower, air jet nozzle, interior temperature sensor, temperature sensors for heat exchanger, electronic switching unit, cover on air intake, surface heat exchanger for windshield glass heater, thermo valve for windshield glass heater, venetian blind with frame in center of instrument panel, Venetian blinds at end of instrument panel, vacuum elements for main air flap, Venetian blinds with frame at rear of center console, Refilling or replenishing air-conditioning system Draining of air-conditioning system
    • Checking oil level in refrigerant compressor
    • Removal and installation of refrigerant compressor, Reconditioning of refrigerant compressor, Removal and installation of electromagnetic clutch, condenser, receiver dehydrator
    • Checking, removing and installing pressure switch in receiver dehydrator, temperature switch in receiver dehydrator
    • Removal and installation of expansion valve, evaporator housing with heater box, evaporator, auxiliary fan
    • Removal and installation of recirculating pump, in -car temperature sensor, temperature sensor for heat exchanger, ETR-switch, switchover valves, vacuum elements, Vacuum element for defroster nozzle flaps, electronic switchgear for temperature control, electronic switchgear for blower control, heat exchanger, temperature switch for cold engine lock
  • Engines - M116 (380 V8) M117.96 (500 V8) 
    • Instructions for use of Service Manual
    • Engine and Vehicle Identification
    • Vehicle Identification number locations
    • Technical Data
    • Engine and model survey
    • Engine Block
    • Cylinder Head
    • Pistons, Connecting Rods, Crankshaft
    • Hub, V-Belt Pulley, Ring Gear
    • Valves, Camshaft
    • Timing Chain
    • Fuel Injection System
    • V-Belt Replacement
    • Emission Control System
    • Ignition System
    • Oil Filter, Oil Pump
    • Cooling System
    • Engine Mounts
    • Throttle Linkage
    • Fuel Tank
    • Exhaust System

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