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TRABANT 601 English and German Edition Workshop Manual


TRABANT 601 English and German Edition Workshop Manual

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Suitable for the home workshop mechanic or professional technician to help you maintain, repair or restore your Trabant 601.

Detailed List Of Topics covered

  • Technical Information
  • Engine
    • Special Tools
    • Completely Removing Engine and Gearbox
    • Dismantling the Engine
    • Assembling the Engine
    • Mounting the Engine
    • Completely Removing and Mounting the Power Plant
    • Repairs at the Engine
    • Replacement of the V -belt
    • Changing V-belt Pulleys
    • Replacement of the Small-end Bushings
  • Carburetor 28 HB 2-7
    • Dismantling and Mounting the Carburetor
    • Starter System
    • Idling System
    • Main Jet System
    • Carburetor Tuning
    • Adjustment of the Fuel level
    • Slow Running Adjustment
    • Repairs and Maintenance Operations
  • Clutch
    • Dismantling and Mounting the Clutch
    • Replacing the Clutch Pressure Ring
  • Gearbox
    • Special Tools
    • Removing and Mounting the Gearbox
    • Dismantling the Gearbox
    • Dismantling and Assembling the Drive Shaft
    • Dismantling
    • Assembling
    • Dismantling and Assembling the Differential Gear
    • Assembling the Gearbox
  • Chassis
    • Special Tools
  • Steering
    • Dismounting and Mounting the Steering Gear
    • Dismantling the Steering Gear
    • Assembling the Steering Gear
    • Removing and Fitting t he Steering Wheel
  • Front Axle
    • Dismounting and Mounting the Front Axle Drive
    • Mounting
    • Dismantling the Wheel Drive
    • Replacement of the Swivel Bearing Bush
    • Assembling the Wheel Drive
    • Toe· in at the Front Axle
    • Camber at the Front Axle
    • Checking the Wheel Base
  • Rear Axle
    • Dismounting and Mounting the Rear Axle
    • Dismounting and Mounting the Wishbones
    • Dismounting
    • Dismounting and Mounting the Wishbones
    • Dismounting:
    • Springs
  • Front Spring
    • Dismounting and Mounting the Front Spring
    • Dismounting
    • Mounting
    • Replacement of the Silent Bushes of the Front Spring
    • Rear Spring
    • Dismounting and Mounting the :Rear Spring
    • Dismounting
    • Mounting
  • Shock Absorber
    • Care and Maintenance
    • Dismounting and Mounting the Shock-Absorber
    • Dismounting
    • Dismantling and Assembling the Shock Absorber
  • Brakes
    • Dismounting and Mounting the Brake Master Cylinder
    • Replacement of the Brake Shoes
    • Replacement of the Wheel Brake Cylinders
    • Bleeding the Brake System
    • Adjustment of the Hand Brake
    • Maintenance of the Brake System
  • Exhaust System
  • Car Body
    • Sealing
    • Door Sealing
    • Roof Sealing
    • Rear Sealing
    • Sealing the Window Panes
    • Sealing at the Splash-guard
    • Sealing at the Moldings
    • Repair of the Frame Members
    • Repair of Parts of Thermosetting Plastic
    • The Bonding of Parts Made of Thermosetting Plastic
    • Replacement of Parts Made of Thermosetting Plastic
    • Varnishing Parts of Thermosetting Plastic
    • Changing the Front, Rear and Tonneau Glass Panes
    • Changing the Tonneau Glass Pane
    • Removing and Fitting the Crank-operated Window
    • Changing the Door Lock and the Door Outer Handle
    • Changing the Instrument Panel
    • Cavity Preservation and Treatment of the Underside of the Bottom
    • Cavity Preservation
    • Floor Protection
    • Re-preservation
  • Electrical Equipment
    • Ignition
    • Ignition Timing
    • Ignition Faults
    • Maintenance of the Ignition System
    • Changing the Starter
    • Dismounting
    • Dynamo
    • Changing the Dynamo
    • Dismounting
    • Checking Dynamo and Regulator
    • Battery
    • Charging the Battery
    • Maintenance and Servicing the Battery
    • Changing the Flasher Unit
    • Changing the Flashing-light Switch
    • Changing the Windscreen Wiper Motor
    • Replacement of Fuses
    • Replacement of the Rotary Switch
    • Replacement of the Rear Lighting Fittings
    • Headlamps
    • Replacement of Headlamps
    • Focusing the Headlamp
    • Faults in the Electrical Equipment
    • Starter Runs Too Slowly
    • Dynamo Fails to Charge
    • Horn Not Loud Enough
  • Hycomat
    • Description and Mode of Action
    • Adjustments at the Hycomat
    • Contact Gap of the Gear-shift Lever Contacts
    • Clutch Clearance
    • Compression Spring Length between Compression Spring Sleeve and Rivet Centre at the Clutch Lever
    • Checking the Electrical Equipment
    • Maintenance of the Hycomat
    • Oil Change
    • Checking various Settings
  • BONUS - German Edition of Workshop Manual included FREE.

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