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PONTIAC Fiero 2.5 Litre Inline 4 Cylinder Engine Rebuild Manual | carmanualsdirect

PONTIAC Fiero 2.5 Litre Inline 4 Cylinder Engine Rebuild Manual


PONTIAC Fiero 2.5 Litre Inline 4 Cylinder Engine Rebuild Manual

Comes in PDF format for immediate download. 

With easy, step by step instructions, this manual is suitable for the home workshop mechanic or professional technician to help you maintain and repair the Pontiac Fiero Engine.

Genuine Pontiac Rebuild manual for:

  • 2.5 Litre Inline 4 Cylinder

    Below is a detailed list of topics covered in this Pontiac Manual

    Engine Cooling | Engine Fuel | Engine Electrical | Driveability and Emission Controls | Throttle Body Injection (TBI) | Multi Port Fuel Injection (MPFI | Exhaust Systems | Engine Performance Diagnosis | Engine Mechanical Diagnosis | Engine Knock Diagnosis | Compression Test | Oil Leak Detection

    Cylinder Head | Valve, Springs and Rotators | Valve Stem Height | Valve Spring Installed Height | Oil Pump | Sump or Gear Pumps | Gerotor Oil Pump Connecting Rod and Main Bearings | Crankshaft | Pistons, Rings and Connecting Rods | Piston Pins - Press Fit and Piston Rings | Camshaft and Camshaft Bearings | Camshaft | Camshaft Bearings | Valve Lifters | Leak Down Rate Test | Cylinder Block | Piston Fitting | Flexplate Balance | Thread Repair

    General Description
    Cylinder Block | Cylinder Head | Valve Train | Valve Lifters | Intake Manifold | Exhaust Manifold | Camshaft and Drive | Pistons and Connecting Rods | Crankshaft and Bearings | Oil Pump | Engine Lubrication

    Service Procedures
    Rocker Arm Cover | Rocker Arms, Push-rods and Guides | Valve Spring, Shield and/or Seals | Intake Manifold | Valve Lifters | Cylinder Head | Crankshaft Pulley, Hub and/or Oil Seal | Oil Pump | Rear Main Bearing Oil Seal and/or Flywheel | Connecting Rod and Piston

    On Car Service
    Engine and Trans-axle Mounts | Crankshaft | Push Rod Cover | Oil Pump Drive Shaft |
    Oil Pan | Timing Gear Cover | Engine Assembly | Exhaust Manifold | Camshaft

    Engine Specifications
    Special Tools

    General Description
    Radiator | Radiator Cap | Recovery Bottle | Fans | Temperature Switch | Coolant Temperature Fan Switch | Thermostat | Coolant Recovery System | DiagnosIs

    Service Procedures
    Cooling System Care | Draining and Refilling the Cooling System | Drive Belts | Aluminum Radiator Service | Diagnosis

    On-Car Pressure Testing
    Leak Testing

    Off-Car Leak Testing
    Repairable Leaks | Repair Methods | Cooling Fin Removal | Tube Blocking | Header Repair | General Core Repair | Tank Gasket Leak Repair | Oil Cooler Gasket Replacement | Recore

    On-Car Service

    Thermostat | Electric Cooling Fan | Water Pump | Coolant Recovery Bottle | Radiator | Belt Tension

    Fuel System Pressure Relief | Fuel System | Fuel Metering | Throttle Body Injection (TBI) | Multi Port Fuel Injection (MPFI) | Electric Fuel Pump | Fuel Pump Relay | Fuel Filler Cap | Fuel Tank | Fuel Gauge Sender | Fuel and Vapor Pipes | Accelerator Controls | Accelerator Control Cable | Accelerator Pedal | Evaporative Emission Control System Fuel, Fuel Return & Emission Pipe (EECS) | Canister Purge Valve and Solenoid | Fuel Tank Pressure Control Valve

    Inspection of Fuel System | Fuel Tank and Lines | Canister Purge Valve Test | Fuel Tank Pressure Control Valve | Pressure Checking EEC System | Evaporative System Pressure Test

    Fuel Pressure Relief Procedure | Fuel Tank Draining | Fuel System Cleaning | Fuel Tank Leak Test | Fuel Tank Replacement | Fuel Tank | Fuel Gauge Sending Unit | Vapor Canister | Canister Filter | Fuel System Pressure | Fuel Pump Replacement | Fuel Pump Flow Test | Fuel System Pressure Test | Accelerator Controls | Accelerator Pedal | Accelerator Control Cable

    File Format: PDF 
    Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac 
    Language: English 
    Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader 

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